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Sophie the Giraffe Teething Ring

  • €14.95

The Sophie the Giraffe Teething Ring is made from the same natural rubber and food grade paints as the original Sophie. For very small babies it may be easier to handle than original Sophie and so is an ideal first teether. The two rings give great grip for little hands and each side has a different texture, which babies like to sooth their sore gums on! The textures are acually designed to provide relief for babies at different stages of teething, which we think is quite clever.

Sophie the Giraffe Teething Ring comes in a lovely gift box.

There are two versions of the teething ring available:
Supersoft – a very soft flexible version to soothe the appearance of those very first teeth.
Soft – a firmer version for a more advanced teething stage (when they're really getting stuck in!)