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August 19, 2019
Ziggle Bibs

Yes, our fabulous Zippy Bandana Bibs are now called Ziggle Bibs! Different name, same amazing bibs! If you’re in the bib game, you might already know this but Ziggle Bibs are just the best bib game in town! And if you’re new to the bib game here’s why:

Absorbancy – major! Ziggle Bibs are super dooper absorbent, so all that lovely teething drool gets soaked right up! The sad fact is that lesser absorbent bibs can soak through to the clothing beneath. This not only leaves wet, cold clothes but can actually cause a rash – which nobody wants.

Comfort – yes! Only the nicest super soft cotton jersey fabric brushs babys chin. The fabric has a gentle fold at the top, so there is no seam or join that could potentially graze or irritate the skin. (Terry cloth bibs are woeful for this!)

Staying Power – thank you! Your Ziggle Bibs will wash and dry time and time again, and come out perfectly. Where lesser bibs will curl up, harden and basically give up, Ziggle will be your best friend throughout the dribbly years.

Sizing – perfect! Ziggle Bibs are suitable from birth, and right up to two years of age at least. There are two poppers at the back for fastening, so as baby grows and gets chubbier, you can move to the second popper to let the bib out, which is a bit clever.

Funky – hell yeah! Super colourful, cute and fun patterns which are the perfect finisher for any stylish smallie! Plus a quick bib change will tidy up a messy baby, and make you all look terribly cute and organised! 

Value – absolutely! Ziggle bibs can be worn day in day out, washed, dried and on again, time and time again. They will last for ages, while babies out grow everything else! And they will actually save you from having to wash tops that might otherwise have been ruined from dribbling! 

Check out some of our cute Ziggle Bibs in our online shop here or pop in to the shop for more!

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