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August 19, 2019
Sheep Ziggle Bib

Literally every day, I hear from feedback from customers about how brilliant our Ziggle Bandana Bibs are, which is lovely to hear of course!  Many people get them as gifts and swear it was the best baby present they ever got – super practical and super cute.  So, why are they so brilliant?

Ziggle – previously known as Zippy! – make probably the best, and by far the cutest bibs on the market.  The secret is that they were actually designed and road tested by a real life mum, with real life children, who obviously dribbled a lot!

Ziggle bandana bibs have a super absorbent fleecy layer that prevents dribble from soaking through to babys clothing underneath, or even on to their skin.  The front layer is make from 100% cotton, and designed to be super comfy around baby’s neck and chin – no chafing or discomfort.  And there are two poppers on the back to the bib will grow with baby, as they get bigger and chubbier!

One of the big bonuses with Ziggle Bibs is how brilliantly they wash.  I’ve heard from loads of parents that many bibs out there don’t last more than an hour or two before they are soaked through – often necessitating a change of clothing as well as bib!  In addition, many ordinary bibs curl up in the wash, leaving them in an awkward shape and honestly, who has time to iron bibs?!  Our lovey Ziggle Bibs wash brilliantly, time after time coming out fresh and ready to go again.

And last but not least, they are bonkers cute!  With heaps of cute and colourful patterns to choose from, bandana bibs are now a gorgeous accessory as well as a practical life saver.  Here in the shop we have a huge selection of bibs available in singles or in boxes of four, which make a perfect gift.  For our online shop we have a selection of boxed sets available, which are better value and also a perfect baby gift.  If you are buying online we also gift wrap beautifully so you have nothing more to worry about!

Happy dribbling! x

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