Rachel Ellen Stacking Tins – Flamingo Sparkly Things


Our Rachel Ellen Stacking Tins – Flamingo Sparkly Things are every girls dream. The four stackable pots neatly sit on each other and stand out in any bedroom.

Made from coloured metal, the Rachel Ellen Stacking Tins – Flamingo Sparkly Things contains four sections. Each layer says on the front of the tin what it contains in a mixture of bold, multi-coloured and black, playful writing. The first says it is to store ‘Necklaces’, the second is to store ‘Rings’. The third tin for ‘Earrings’ while the last one is for ‘Bracelets’ but the choice is up to you!

Each tin has a different patterned decoration with a selection of flowers, leaves and a flamingo. The lid of the first tin has the text ‘Sparkly Things’ in the same black, playful font.

It is the perfect gift for any little girl who loves to organise and cherish their accessories. Whether it be for a Birthday, Christmas or just a treat yourself gift.

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