We are big fans of a little sparkle here at Butterslip, and nowhere more than on your big day.  We are delighted to present this gorgeous collection of sparkling hair combs, flowering headpieces, birdcage veils and pretty pins and hope that you’ll find some inspiration!

A well chosen hair piece is a great way to enhance your bridal look and create some extra drama and sparkle, or keep it demure and discreet, depending on your style.  The following is just a selection of the ever changing range at Butterslip.  We love working with brides to find a perfect fit and have a bit of fun, do give us a call if you have any queries. 

Below some tips when looking for your hair accessories!

A Pinterest Board or other photo collection is a great way to store ideas, but be open to new ones.

Bring a hair clamp and some pins, to tie up the hair while trying on pieces

A Camera/phone is invaluable to take pics of the back of the head!  

Bring your veil/earring if teaming with a veil or other accessories.

Bring a swatch of material from your dress if matching up colours.

Consult the bridesmaids but trust your instincts!

Enjoy, this is the fun bit!