Dream Wedding in Kilkenny

The Wedding Dream Team!

Wedding inspo from our beautiful wedding shoot at Butler House in Kilkenny.
Zippy Bandana Bibs - Neutral Greys Pack

Zippy Bibs are now Ziggle Bibs!

Yes, our fabulous Zippy Bandana Bibs are now called Ziggle Bibs!…
Kate MIddleton Earrings

Kate Earrings are fit for a Princess!

I'm not a big royal watcher, but golly those girls get good jewellery! …
Butterfly Wooden Name Plaque

Our Best Baby Gifts!

Our lovely Wooden Name Plaques for children are one of our most…
baby bandana bib with sheep

Why are our Bandana Bibs so brilliant?!

Literally every day, I hear from feedback from customers about…
rainbow umbrella

Amazing umbrellas, whatever the weather!

Here in Ireland, there's a good chance you are going to need…
frame guest book hen party

Hen Party Prettiness! We are all stocked up!

Spring is finally springing, with daffodils blooming and light…
Busy B mid year page a day Diary

Be a Busy B - Mid Year Diaries are here!

Thank goodness for the lovely folks at Busy B, who each year…

Tractor Mania! Hit the Diff has hit the spot!

Tractor mania has hit Butterslip!  Our new rotating Tractor…