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Fair Trade Wooden Toys

November 26, 2019

Did you know that a lot of our Wooden Toys are certified Fair Trade? Our fabulous wooden jigsaws and name plaques are both sustainably made and Fair Trade, and both make gorgeous Christmas Gifts!

Dinosaur Jigsaw
Dinosaur 1-10 Jigsaw

We are delighted to work with Fair Trade company Lanka Kade, who produce beautiful, lasting wooden toys in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka has a long history of wood work and craftsmanship and such is the perfect place to manufacture.

The products are designed in Britain by the team at Lanka Kade, and then manufactured by small family owned factories in Sri Lanka. Diane and Upal from Lanka Kade visit the factories regularly, and ensure Fair Trade practices are employed across the board. Below are just some of the Pricipals of Fair Trade that are employed by Lanka Kade:

“We support marginalised, small producers to enable them to move from income insecurity to economic self-sufficiency and ownership. Our key aim is poverty reduction through trade.

We ensure that there is no child labour or forced labour in our producer groups. Frequent visits and regular audits are completed to ensure all suppliers comply.

We do not maximise profits at the expense of our producers. We maintain long term trading relationships with prompt payment, interest free loans and design products for their skills.

We actively work with our producers to provide safe and healthy working conditions for all employees. We offer regular first aid and health and safety training to facilitate improvement”

Yellow Digger Jigsaw

We love Lanka Kade Wooden Toys, not just for their great story, but because they make great toys! The jigsaws are sturdy and tactile for little fingers to play with, and they look fab too! They make fantastic learning tools, requiring dexterity and coordination to put together and their bright attractive colours will be loved by both little and big people.

As well as a range of fabulous wooden jigsaws, the wooden name plaques are a big hit here at Butterslip! Choose from a fabulous range of plaques, then add the letters to make up your chosen name. We will put the plaque together for you and, best of all, it comes ready to stick to your bedroom door!

Name Plaque - Pink Butterfly
Pink Butterfly Name Plaque
Name Plaque - Green Tractor
Green Tractor Name Plaque

See our full range of Fair Trade Wooden Toys and Name Plaques right here:

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