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The Sixty Second Journal

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The Sixty Second Journal is definitely the most beautiful daily journal I've come across, and we are super excited to introduce it to Butterslip! Just sixty seconds morning and evening is something we can get on board with! This beautiful book guides you gently to still the mind, note your thoughts and carve out sixty seconds of peace for yourself.

The journal itself is a guided journaling book and the primary goal of the book is to provide simple tools that can promote mental health in a positive way, allow us to be more mindful, be more productive, be happier and also to give you a window of time every day to go back to basics (pen and paper) and hopefully be more present in the moment.

There are 6 months of undated journaling pages (180) in addition to monthly goal setting and reflection pages. 180 + inspirational quotes, detailed guides, tips and examples on how to complete the journal.

Also Good to Know

This journal is printed on a premium ivory paper that is sustainably sourced and FSC certified

Hard cover cloth bound, with gold foiling. A timeless, classic design that is a joy to hold.

A note from the Author Sean, in Cork, Ireland!

I believe firmly in simplicity. I created this journal to be purposely easy to use, easy to follow and fast to complete. I didn’t want there to be endless sections, trackers, guides, etc, just thought prompts that have been shown to make people feel happier about themselves. I wanted to create a tool that encapsulated all that I had done and was doing but in a more structured and accessible way.

The Sixty Second Journal was born.

- Sean