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Zippy Bibs are now Ziggle Bibs!

Yes, our fabulous Zippy Bandana Bibs are now called Ziggle Bibs! Different name, same amazing bibs! If you’re in the bib game, you might already know this but Ziggle Bibs are just the best bib game in town! And if you’re new to the bib game here’s why: Absorbancy – major! Ziggle Bibs are super […]

Kate Earrings are fit for a Princess!

I’m not a big royal watcher, but golly those girls get good jewellery!  And when shes not dripping with diamonds its nice to see Kate wearing some fab jewellery that we can all relate to!  Our beautiful Kate Earrings by Azuni are a case in point.  Available in a gorgeous range of colours, the Duchess […]

Our Best Baby Gifts!

Our lovely Wooden Name Plaques for children are one of our most enduringly popular gifts – its certainly my go to baby gift!  If you are looking for a personalised baby present and something that will last for years to come, then this perfect! We have a lovely range of different wooden plaques to choose […]

Why are our Bandana Bibs so brilliant?!

Literally every day, I hear from feedback from customers about how brilliant our Ziggle Bandana Bibs are, which is lovely to hear of course!  Many people get them as gifts and swear it was the best baby present they ever got – super practical and super cute.  So, why are they so brilliant? Ziggle – […]

Amazing umbrellas, whatever the weather!

Here in Ireland, there’s a good chance you are going to need an umbrella a lot of the time… So why not make it an extra pretty one?!  For weddings our gorgeous pagoda umbrellas are super popular, and make a lovely finishing touch for brides and bridesmaids.   Available in Ivory and White, or a […]

Hen Party Prettiness! We are all stocked up!

Spring is finally springing, with daffodils blooming and light in the evening sky!  And our new floral Hen Party range is making us feel very springy indeed!  Check out our gorgeous new floral Bride to be Sash, so good you’ll want to wear it all the time!  To create and keep fab memories of the […]

Be a Busy B – Mid Year Diaries are here!

Thank goodness for the lovely folks at Busy B, who each year offer a chance at redemption, a hope of organisation, an ‘its never too late’ shot at putting our lives in order!  Mid year diaries, or academic year diaries, are for some a whole new opportunity to get it right, for others the diaries […]

Tractor Mania! Hit the Diff has hit the spot!

Tractor mania has hit Butterslip!  Our new rotating Tractor Lampshade is one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen, but we still weren’t quite prepared for the response!!  The phone has been hopping Tractors are in big demand, only in Ireland! We expect a delivery of lampshades on Friday 15th June, and will be dispatching […]