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Our Story

Butterslip opened in 2005, full of colourful ideas and wild notions, the result of much day dreaming, notebook scribbling, scrapbook filling and finally one great flight of madness. The scribbler, day dreamer and committed doodler here is me, Anne, still often to be found doodling and daydreaming.

Our Name

Our name is taken from Butterslip Lane in Kilkenny, one of the city’s many curious and charming side streets, and where we first opened the eponymous shop (there was a very nice party, complete with a clown, cakes, lots of balloons and liquorice all sorts).  In early 2007, Butterslip moved, but kept the lovely name, to a bright and sunny corner of Rose Inn Street where we still reside, along with our notions.


This is a pic of our shop, way back in yore, and I am told the young man is probably holding a tray of bread from Molloys’ Bakery, which was then across the street. These days the shop looks a little different, but essentially the same. Large bright windows, which we love to fill with colour and crazy displays, and the number 31 proudly painted over the door.

I would like to receive promotional material from Butterslip